Sunday, January 13, 2008

Virtual Classroom

Well-what an exciting class this was on Wednesday, Jan. 9th. Aside from initial technical issues, I think it came off pretty good. It started off a bit slow, just going over what we had read in a textbook, but it picked up when Jeff's visitors took center stage. We had a bit of fun with Jeff, some telling him to speed up at the same time others were telling him to slow down. He's a good sport to just go along with us. Very interesting way to have a group of people in different areas communicate. At first I thought it was cumbersome writing our responses/comments but if we had all tried to speak at once, no one would have been heard. And almost every time we gave our experiences or info from work, each of us was responded to in some manner. It's nice to be acknowledged.

Since this whole curriculum is about leadership, I've been thinking about some of the presentations that we heard on Wednesday. I think this whole piece of getting familiar with the "e-world" is to make us more comfortable with these changes happening around us. All of these various sites and the knowledge we are gaining, fall right in line with Transformational Leadership. There is so much out there, from blogging and personal meeting spaces, to all kinds of technical information, educational info, history, art; you name it, you can find it. All ways to communicate. It's very exciting to find all of this information, sometime a little overwhelming with all the info. It can be helpful, scary (sometime too much medical info), may even make decision-making harder when there are too many choices. But it is my choice if I look, believe, use the info.

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