Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Government Decisions - How Do You Like Them?

When government makes a new law, are they trying to protect us or are they limiting our freedoms? I tend to lean toward believing they are looking out for my best interests, at least in their own minds. There usually is a group somewhere that feels no matter what the government does, they are infringing on our freedoms. They protest, write to newspapers, talk to reports, anything to get their feeling and issues aired. I like to listen to these arguments, because it helps me to understand the issues and opens my mind to thinking more deeply about the problem. Sometimes, I change my mind after hearing what they say. Other times, I do more listening and researching so I can reach my own conclusion. The more I know, the better decisions I can make and I grow as I expand my knowledge and understanding. Sometimes, the decision is made for the greater good for the greater number of people. Any decision that is made probably won’t please everyone but it doesn’t mean that it was wrong. With listening and discussing with others, I can reach my own conclusions.

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