Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Loans to Individuals in Need

I have been browsing the websites of Kiva.org and Prosper.com. These both seem to be worthy sites that allow you to contribute an amount of money that you determine toward somone that has asked for a loan. Prosper operates in the US and the loan can be for any reason, from paying off student loans, buying a house or even consolidating loans. Nice idea if you want to help someone here in the states. Kiva is specifically directed toward people in developing countries that are trying to better their lives by developing a business in their own country (not ours). I find this a more altruistic endeavor although I would like to see something like this here in the United States. Perhaps there is a more entrepreneurial spirit in other countries and realize they don't need a lot of money to make a difference in their lives. Either way, this is a way to make an impact on someone's life in a large way by making a small monetary contribution in conjunction with others.

Where does leadership fit into these web sites? This had me stumped for a little while. But if I think about the purpose of leadership-to achieve a goal, to help someone be a better person, then doesn't this fit that purpose? These websites provide an opportunity to help someone achieve a goal. Maybe it even helps you achieve a goal of donating to help others. You can make a big impact on someone's life by a loan of only $25. Leadership is so much more than leading people. It is enabling people to achieve more than they thought possible. It isn't telling them to do something - it is helping them to do something.


Jeffrey said...

Great thoughts on both Leadership with prosper and kiva and your experience with the "virtual classroom".
You make some great points about leadership and how it is not always about leading people and following. I am glad that this class helped you make this connection.
The blog is great! Keep up the great work in this class.

R.S.kamuni. said...

Respected madam/sir
Is thier any chance to give/help in my educetional loan from any banks?.

Ramesh kamuni
k.s.srinivas123 AT gmail.com