Monday, February 4, 2008

The Journey Toward Learning About Leadership

As I am coming to end of this course, I look over the blogs that I have written. I can see my own growth and as I step back, I'm amazed at the distance I have covered in only a few weeks. Thanks go to our instructor, Jeffrey Shepard, for his gentle guidance. His enthusiasm is contagious. I am still struggling with the paper I am writing about Virtual Leadership. Sometimes it is hard to put some things into words - pretty much all the time it is hard for me to put my ideas on paper. I struggle to filter through all the angles and topics I want to write about. And other times, there isn't much there to start with so I search the web for others' ideas and discussions. This helps me to clarify my thoughts and refocus. I am somewhere in between these 2 places right now. There are so many pieces of leadership, so many angles. I want my paper to be organized and have some substance and not just a bunch of short topics or ideas. I'm half way through the paper and I'm not satisfied with parts of it but I will plug away and write, revise, and write some more. Well, back to writing this paper. I am the master at diversion when I should be writing, so this blog right now is one of those diversions. Back to writing!