Monday, December 31, 2007

Interesting Read

I've been reading a book by John Maxwell called "Developing the Leaders Around You". This is helping me understand what to be on the look-out for when browsing web sites. This book is about how you become a better leader by building leaders around yourself. It walks you through how and what to look for in a new leader, how to identify strengths and weaknesses, and the importance of a plan for growth. I think if a web site is to show "leadership", it will provide some information, in whatever format, that a person can use to grow and learn. It may be just a new idea or way to look at a problem that starts a person thinking in a new way. If it challenges our current thinking, it allows us to grow and mature our ideas. By blogging, we can share these ideas and hopefully start a conversation. So, my next step is to look for websites that can do this for me. There are lots of places to look so it is a journey that I am looking forward to starting.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

What do I know about leadership in regards to web pages?

I'm struggling with this question. I feel like I don't know very much-don't know what I'm looking for. Will I know it if I see it? I know leadership takes many forms. While reading a gardening magazine, they referred to a web site that gives feedback on websites/catalogs where plants can be purchased. It occurred to me that this was a form of leadership. It certainly provides guidance and performs a needed task (as I see it). But maybe leadership has a greater responsibility in guiding and providing incite into what is happening around us. I feel like I am on a treadmill that is gaining speed and I don't have time to do anything but hang on for the ride. I manage to read a few articles when I log into (dare I say it) Yahoo. They provide some info on current affairs. Is this a form of leadership-helping me keep informed and giving me info to help me form my opinions? I'm going to read other blogs and keep looking and watching for examples.